2 Hour Seminar – With Matthew Cohen, Injae Choe & Jackie Priestley

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Befriending The Dragon ~ Harmonizing Emotions 
Led by Legendary Teachers:
Sifu Matthew Cohen, Injae Choe
& Jackie Priestley

2 hour Workshop Recorded Session
-opening meditation
-acupressure map of the emotional centers
-coaching and meditations on emotional fluency
-sacred practices
-qigong sequence
-closing meditation 
-companion guide book to bring practices into your daily rituals


Emotional fluency is the ability to experience our emotions without judgement or attachment. A healthy relationship with emotions, both positive and negative, gives us access to our creativity, our aliveness and our personal power. In this workshop we will share ways to be more energetically and emotionally expressive through different modalities. Drawing from coaching, acupressure, qigong, meditation, psychology and neuroscience, we will explore ways to embrace and "befriend" our fear, anger, sadness and depression, to experience emotional balance in both our mind and our body. 

A healthy relationship with our emotions is essential to be able to respond to the challenges that we are being confronted with during this pandemic year. You will leave this workshop with the ability to apply these skills immediately bringing grace and ease to your life.  

  • Learning to express ourselves freely 

  • Reducing stress and anxiety 

  • Enhancing our creativity 

  • Improving communication 

  • Cultivating agency 

  • Experiencing joy 

3 Legendary Disciplines Teachers will bring an approach that combines ancient wisdom and leading edge science to cultivate emotional fluency under any circumstance. Learn more about our instructors: