About Us

A black and white photo of Sifu Matthew Cohen and Eric Johnson


Legendary Disciplines is an exciting new wellness content platform. Our mission is to empower and inspire you by making the best in ancient and progressive mind-body disciplines available to all.

Legendary Discipline’s co-founders-- Eric Johnson, a former San Francisco 49er and Academic All-American at Yale University, and Matthew Cohen, a master of Martial, Yogic and Healing Arts for 40 years— and their experienced team are devoted to bringing proven practices and top wellness experts from around the globe to boost your performance in sports, work and life.

Doctors and other health professionals increasingly recommend a multi-discipline approach to mind-body wellness. We curate a variety of practices from world-class teachers and coaches to help users learn the basics and then we help combine the disciplines that are right for them.

As we build out a fully personalized app offering to launch in 2021, we invite you to sample a variety of teachers, coaches, and live and recorded classes to begin a unique wellness journey with us.  Whether you are just beginning on the road to feeling better or are already on your way, become an early member of our community and find new ways to get peak health with improved clarity, athleticism, energy, mindfulness, and wellness support on your path inward and forward.

Start by watching our latest Hack Pack. In less than ten minutes, you can drop into yourself and get tuned up for your day.