4 Class Seminar – Live With Intention Jackie Priestley

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This is a powerful opportunity to realign our intentions with what is important and essential in our lives.

2020 turned things upside down. It has left many of us feeling lost and rudderless. When we experience a dismantling of what we have come to know as normal we are actually presented with a unique opportunity to reset. 

During this process you will get clear on:

  • What matters to you?
  • What lights you up?
  • How do you want to contribute to others and to the world?

Questions that arise:

  • What has 2020 taught you about what you truly value and find meaningful?
  • How do we hold space for peace, calm and contentment – even in anxious times? 
  • How do we unlock capacities to be present, aware and available so that we can respond to whatever is unfolding with peace and power? 
  • How do we tap the wellspring that consistently feeds us on the inside? 

You’ll emerge with clarity, strength and the energy needed to create the year you want!  This 4-part video series Includes:

Video one - Uncover, discover, and release 2020

Video two - Clarify values and purpose

Video three - Create from clarity

Video four - Step into possibility  

      Join transformative coach Jackie Priestley for an energizing and inspiring 4-hr recorded series designed to support you in unlocking these natural, innate capacities immediately within your reach. 

      Price: $80